Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Kids,
       So far, we’ve had three confirmations for the Memorial Day picnic at the cabin: Nora’s family, Donna’s family, and Paul. The weather should be good that day! There’s only a 20 percent chance of rain with a high of 52 degrees. Compared with what we’ve had, that sounds great. Let me know if you’re coming, so we can plan enough food. I think we’ll have hamburgers and hot dogs, since Dad just cleaned off the grill. We had to spiff it up for the High Priests’ social, which we had at the cabin last Saturday. It didn’t rain! It was the only dry day in about two weeks. Except that the ground wasn’t very dry. The fire pit was filled to the top with water. Glenn McGettigan thought it was just rain water, and he bailed it out. When he got down to wet sand, new water was already streaming in from the sides. Meanwhile, we bailed out the horseshoe pits and dumped in new sand, which was sort of dry, but after a while the sand was totally saturated, and every horseshoe landed with a splat of wet sand and water. Mr. Earl’s grandchildren got their kicks by stomping in the water in the little ditch. So it was very wet. But it didn’t rain! By the way, we had an overflow crowd–46 people! It was sunny that morning, and I think lots of people just felt like going somewhere.
       Last Friday I went to Heber for grandparents’ day at JR Smith Elementary. I was Jacob’s guest, but I also had my picture taken with Bentley. I sat with Jacob at his desk, and they gave us a work packet to do! I wasn’t expecting that. We also got to write a poem and draw pictures, and I got to eat hot lunch in the lunchroom. (Jacob had his own sack lunch, of course.) We had a great time.
       Dad and I both had fun at Chess Club yesterday. Dad played a retired teacher named Steve, and beat him both times. Steve has a tendency towards colorful language, and we heard him muttering while Dad was wiping him off the board. We usually have nine or ten people a week, now, and it keeps getting better.
       John says he talked to a hydrologist about the danger of flooding on the upper Provo River. It’s like a hundred percent. The snow still isn’t melting, like it usually does before now. So the snowpack is up to about 400 percent of normal, which only means it’s four times as deep as it usually is the end of May. But it has to melt sometime! The hydrologist thought the bridge to our cabin would definitely go. But that won’t happen till June. So, we hope to see lots of you on Memorial Day! Come to the cabin while you still can!
       Love, Mom