Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dear Kids,
           Today I’m uploading from John’s office. Dad is here for an eye exam, and I’m sitting around. John just came out of one of the exam rooms, and I tossed him half a sleeve of thin mint girl scout cookies. He made a perfect catch, and put them in his pocket. Dad and I had eaten most of the box on our way here, and we needed them out of our reach.
           Last week I wrote that I might be doing Sunday dinner on April 8th, but I should have looked at the calendar first. April 7th is Easter Saturday, and it’s also Ellie’s birthday and Ben’s baptism. Nora has volunteered to have the party at her house, after the baptism. We’ll celebrate the baptism and Ellie’s birthday and have the Easter egg hunt all at the same time. Nora pointed out that there will also be baptisms the first week of May (Ellie) and probably the first week in June (Sarah), so Dad and I will see lots of you then and I won’t be doing Sunday dinners at all until July. Maybe by then the cabin floor will be finished. But even though it’s a construction zone, the cabin still handled our Sunday dinner crowd just fine last week. We had 29 people, and there was plenty of room.
           At the cabin, we went from winter to spring overnight. Most of the snow melted, and there were several mini-lakes around our property. It was nice to see the grass again, and on my hikes up the hill, I haven’t had to wear snowshoes. Oh, wait. Here at John’s office, a lady just said, “Did you hear about that storm coming in? Are you ready for snow again?” So I guess we’ll have snow again. It’s OK with me.
           When we get done with Dad’s appointment here, we’re driving to Midway to pick up Donna and Anna, and then we’re going to tour the model homes at Valais, an upscale development at the north end of town. On Friday, I called the realtor and left him a message that we wanted to see the model homes, and when he called back, he sounded very excited. They don’t have any new homes under construction, and maybe he hasn’t had any calls for months. I told him we were going to relocate to Midway next year when my husband retires, so right now we were just checking things out. I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to afford one of their houses, but it will be fun to look.
           I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom