Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Kids,
           I’m uploading from the Kamas Library again this week. I’m sitting at the same table I used last time, because it’s the only table here.
           Here’s some good news: Max Allen has his mission call and he’s going to the Nevada Las Vegas mission. He’ll be entering the MTC on May 16. Other news : Jamie and Andrea Quinn are expecting another baby, in September. There’s probably other baby news that I don’t know, but we see Jamie and Andrea almost every time we visit Grandpa Allen. They seem to be taking good care of him!
           I have yet another calling in the Francis II Ward: I’m going to be the Primary pianist now. I only served as Laurel advisor for three months, but I can’t say I’m unhappy about the change. I love Primary and I’ve missed it terribly. I’m definitely back in my comfort zone.
           Last Tuesday night Dad and I went to see Zorro, the Musical at Hale Center Theater, thanks to all of you who paid for our season tickets! It was really good. We were pleasantly surprised, because it hasn’t been performed in the USA up till now, and the reviews from London said it was “not a turkey,” like they expected. Anyway, we really liked it. There are still four more plays/musicals coming up, including Sound of Music, which Kara McGettigan will be trying out for. I hope she makes it!
           We had a great snowstorm last Sunday, with a foot of new snow at the cabin. Donna called me Monday morning to see if I could watch Anna at the cabin, because of the 17" of new powder at Deer Valley, and it was Bevan’s day off. Of course I was glad to tend Anna! At earlier times in my life I’ve thought babysitting was a little boring, but now it’s great to have another creature at the cabin with me, irregardless of age!
           Dad and I are leaving for our trip to Maryland on Friday, April 13, and we’ll be gone a week. We were hoping to fly to Wisconsin on our way, so we could visit Monica and Neil and Jackson, but it would have been terribly expensive (as Monica predicted.) At least we’ll see the three of them at our family reunion at Bear Lake this August.
           Life is good! I love you all! Mom