Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear Kids,
           Today I’m uploading from the Kamas library. It’s a lot quieter than the deli in Food Town, but there aren’t any free samples from the bakery, or other goodies that you can buy. It’s a lot quieter, though, and it’s warmer. The librarians are very nice, although they were surprised that I brought my own computer. I asked them if there was an access code for the internet, and they said I didn’t need one, which is true. Our chapel, however, is another matter. We’ve been waiting a long time for it to get wireless, because I like to check the weather forecast on Sundays, before Dad drives home. So we finally heard we were connected, but nobody wanted to tell us the password. (There was a rumor that all the 11-year-old scouts knew it, but I don’t know who’s 11 now.) I guess we were supposed to go to the bishop for the password, but I got it out of his wife in Sunday School. (I could see she was on line with her tablet.) In sacrament meeting, I was showing Dad how to get on line, and when his Nook connected, it blared out some ad. Serves me right.
           Well, it seems the library isn’t so quiet after all. A gigantic fluffy ginger-colored dog just walked by. He’s about as big as a pony. His lady friend said he’s a Great Pyrenees. I’d never heard of that breed. He stopped so I could pet him, and after a while my hands were covered with orange dog fur. He needs a gigantic furminator.
           A couple of days ago, while I was at home, I watched while Dad applied for Medicare online. Do we feel old or what? You’re supposed to apply three months before you turn 65, even if you don’t need it for a while. Dad’s still planning to retire at 66, because the social security and UTA retirement are both a little higher the longer you wait. Of course they would be way higher if you worked until you were 90, but you wouldn’t have time to collect much. You have to try and guess how long you’ll live. I think we’ll both live a very long time.
           I’m looking forward to seeing lots of you for Sunday dinner day-after-tomorrow. The next dinner after that would normally be conference weekend, but the cabin floor is still under construction, and the big TV is still in the Glacier bedroom. Dad and I might possibly spend that Sunday (April 1st) with one of you families in Heber Valley, because it would seem too odd to be all alone on conference Sunday. The next week after that will be the second Sunday in April, (the 8th) and I’ll probably be doing Sunday dinner then.
           All this talk about dinners has made me hungry. I’ll upload my letter now and then head for Food Town.
           Lots of love, Mom