Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dear Kids,
          Our cabin is now minus all its cabinets. Dad and I took them out on Thursday, and we finished the job in 5 hours! I thought it might take us a couple of days, but demolition is always easier than construction! Dad did the wrecking and I piled all the debris in the back of his truck. Our new cabinets are supposed to be installed tomorrow, which is Sunday, and it’s OK with me. Ox in the mire and all that. Dad will stay home from church the first two hours, because I can’t miss Primary, and then I’ll come home so he can go to sacrament meeting. Anything is OK if the cabinets get put in!! The nice guy from Chris and Dick’s is coming Monday to measure for the counter top, and with luck, it will take less than 2 weeks. And that will still leave a week for Dad to reinstall the sink, stove, and dishwasher, not to mention the fireplace and the downstairs toilet. Our final and total deadline for everything is August 1. After that the family reunions start.
          So while Dave Michelson’s family is at our cabin, we’ll be at Bear Lake! Dad and I are bringing plenty of firewood! We all have the option of driving there Sunday night (August 5) or arriving Monday, the 6th. I haven’t seen the agenda, but I’m sure it’ll be plenty of fun.
          And, of course, the Allen reunion is this coming Saturday, July 14, at Riverwoods Park. Bonnie says we have the pavilion from 9 am until 3 pm, but she figures most people will get there between 10 and 11 am. Dad and I will probably be there at 10. I’m really curious to see who shows up. We’re supposed to bring our own lunches, and there will be the usual water slide on the hill, and a fishpond for the kiddies.
          Oreo and Xena are settling into their new home very well! Oreo spent his first two days under the cabin, and on the third day he marched out proudly with his tail in the air, to take control of his new domain. He hunts mice and grasshoppers in the fields, and at night, he climbs onto the roof of the garage and yowls at us to let him in. He can get within a few feet of our bedroom window, but it isn’t doing him any good. We’re into watching old episodes of "Bonanza," and we don’t pay any attention to him. Xena lounges around all day, sometimes under the cabin, and sometimes in the greenhouse. For a special thrill, she rolls in the dirt.
          On Thursday, Dad and I drove down to Utah Valley to go to the temple, and then we visited Grandpa Allen. Justin and Ali and their five kids were there, on their way to a Richins family reunion. The kids were running around and making lots of noise, and grandpa was delighted. All those rumors to the effect that kids bother him are just rumors. Not true. He will soon be moving to a care center near his house, a small place with only a few residents. I’ll let you know his new address soon.
          So much going on! I love you all! Mom