Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dear Kids,
           A week ago today, I was expectantly waiting for our kitchen cabinets, not even caring that they would be installed on Sunday, because we would have a beautiful new kitchen ready for the people coming here for family reunions. By that night, my dream had evaporated. When the cabinets came, they were only half done, and one unit wouldn’t fit into the house, one was 5 inches too wide and had the wrong number of drawers, one cabinet door wasn’t like the others, and so on and so on. By the next day I had agreed with the cabinet maker that he would take everything back and refund our deposit. I’m glad there was no serious dispute. I don’t think he even wanted to make them in the first place. It was all so odd!
          Now I’m trying to arrange for Home Depot to do our cabinets, which was my original plan. A guy has to come and measure first, and he’s very busy, etc. etc. I seriously doubt that we’ll ever have a kitchen again!
          But everything else is great. The Allen family reunion yesterday was a blast. I was so glad to see so many of you there, although I spent most of my time talking to my brothers and sisters. I was hoping to hear about some exciting new scandal, and I saw Suzy and Laurie with their heads together, (and a couple of daughters listening in) but they were talking about their cars! Dang! Maybe we’re all getting too old for scandal.
          I hope you all got the invitation Al and Missy passed out, with all the details for our Ackerson reunion at Bear Lake. I got excited just reading it. We’re going to eat well and sleep well and have lots of fun in the water and out of it. We’re even hiking the Limber Pine trail! Remember how we used to do that hike on Sundays when we were at Bear Lake. Anyway, it’s all coming up fast. Dad and I are taking the truck, because we’re bringing firewood, and we’re leaving Sunday afternoon. If any of you have anything we need to haul, and you can arrange for us to get it, we’ll have room for it!
          Oreo has now made himself king of the cabin and all the territory surrounding it. When I came back to the cabin Thursday morning, after my stint in Salt Lake, he was sitting proudly in front of the big pine tree, ready to welcome me and lead me in. He caught a mouse and left it in the garage for me after. One thing he can’t face down, however, is the big "doolie" that Donna drives for her work. She brought it to the cabin Thursday night loaded with firewood, and in the dark, with all its lights and threatening sounds, Oreo couldn’t stand his ground. He dove for cover in the field. But thanks, Donna and Bevan, for the wood! It will be a warm winter here at the cabin. (Even if we still don’t have a kitchen.)
          Lots of love, Mom