Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear Kids,
          Two more days of working on cabin projects, and then, anything that isn’t done, isn’t done. Dad re-installed the downstairs toilet, however, which was the most important unfinished project. Everything else takes second place to that. We’ve really missed it, while it was out in the garage, upside down. Nora called me on Wednesday and said she was bringing kids to the cabin Thursday, and was that OK? Of course I said sure. She mentioned that she had all Vanessa’s kids, too, so there would be ten. Was that OK? Sure. And her friend Amber was coming too, with her kids. Sure. So here were 15 visitors, and no downstairs toilet. There were lots of trips upstairs. Tom and Kim and all their kids joined us too, along with Donna and Bevan and Anna, and we had lots of fun. (I called it a "flash party," because it seemed to occur spontaneously.) For the next big event, however, people will be able to use the downstairs toilet. Go, Dad!
          And Home Depot has actually ordered our cabinets! I’ve already had a call from Kraft Maid, the manufacturer, scheduling delivery for August 30th! Is it possible we’ll have a kitchen again?
          I keep finding clumps of cat hair in the greenhouse. (Don’t worry, you people who are allergic. There’s none in the cabin.) So I was wondering about this cat hair, and here came Oreo, walking through the greenhouse, biting clumps of fur out of his back and dropping them on the floor. It was very odd. I got a brush and brushed him, but he’s still doing it. He has another bad habit–killing baby bluebirds. The first one flew into the greenhouse and got trapped, and Oreo just batted him down and killed him. Now he stalks the field for them. I wish he would take on the magpies instead.
          A week from today Dad and I will be leaving for Bear Lake. We’re really looking forward to seeing so many of you there. (Everybody but Paul, I think.) I’m sure we’ll all have a wonderful time.
          Love, Mom