Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dear Kids,
          Dad and I are on our way to the Brigham City temple dedication. We’re really curious as to why church was cancelled for everybody in Utah today. There have been so many temple dedications, and they’re always during the week, and you can go if you want to. Is there going to be some important announcement during the service? The second coming? I’m not joking. There must be some important reason why they’re doing this for the first time.
          News of the cabin: We have counter tops! They look fabulous! And we have a kitchen sink! You might not think that’s so wonderful, but when you’ve been without a sink for three months, you realize what a luxury it is! Dad worked on it all day yesterday, and made three trips to the Ace Hardware in Kamas for parts. I wasn’t surprised about the three trips. You never know what you need for a sink until you get to that part of it. When the nice countertop guy was here working, he did the cutouts for the sink and the stove, and he said the sink installation should be pretty easy. I was very surprised. Since when has a sink been easy? I still remember that when I was a young adult, I brought my friend Willi (yes, that one!) to our home to meet my family. Grandpa was under the kitchen sink working on something. Willi said, "Your father is a professor, and he works on the plumbing?" Yes, Willi, I could have said, working on a sink is harder than being a professor. Then there’s the joke about the plumber working on a doctor’s sink, and charging him an outrageous amount of money. The doctor says, "I’m a doctor, and I don’t even earn that much!" And the plumber says, "Yes, when I was a doctor, I didn’t earn that much either."
          Well, the temple dedication is over now, and it was really nice, but there wasn’t anything unusual about it.
          Conference weekend is in two weeks! Let me know if you’re coming for dinner on Sunday.
          Love, Mom