Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dear Kids,
          My biggest excitement this week was finding three magpies trapped in the greenhouse. Actually, I heard them before I found them. They were crashing themselves into the windows, making a terrible noise, knocking themselves silly. Both doors were open, and in spite of the great intelligence they’re supposed to have, they kept hitting the windows. They they’d fall to the floor, stagger up, and start it all over again. Xena was trotting back and forth, from one to the next. Finally they were all so dazed I was able to throw a dishtowel over each one and carry them out. There’s nothing like having a magpie screeching at you and cursing you while you’re carrying him to safety. I know, I’d rather have them dead, but I can’t help rescuing animals in distress. Even magpies.
          Our kitchen remodel is still moving along! A guy came to measure for the counter tops, and he’s going to install them next Thursday. On Saturday, Dad’s going to put in the sink! After that, I’m hoping the stove and dishwasher will go in OK. I don’t know how long that will take, but I’m sure we’ll be done before conference weekend, October 6-7. We’re hoping to see at least some of you then. Let me know if you want to reserve a bedroom or a bunk in the bunkhouse. They guys can go to priesthood meeting with Dad Saturday night, and I’ll be fixing Sunday dinner after the morning session on Sunday. It will be fun to have a real conference weekend again!
          Dad and I held our second annual chess retreat Friday night. We were sorry Bevan couldn’t come. His parents received a mission call to Cove Fort, and they were having a celebration party that night. (Those of you who’ve read the ancestor stories and know about our connection with Cove Fort would think twice about celebrating, but I’m sure they’ll have a great adventure there.) Anyway, Donna and Bevan couldn’t come to our retreat, but we got Mark Hoyt, from the ward here, to take his place. (He was bishop when some of you kids lived here.) We also had Addy Shuppy from the ward, and the rest of our participants were from the Harman Center Chess Club. We had a riotous time and went to bed very late. Chess always fills me with adrenalin, and I can’t sleep. Richard Gerlach, who flies jet aircraft, was wondering how chess could be that exciting. He wouldn’t understand. Incidentally, I’ve volunteered to help supervise the chess club at South Summit High. Right now all the chess players are doing cross country, so we’ll start next month. I’m sure it will be lots of fun.
          Life is good! Love to all, Mom