Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dear Kids,
          I just chased off three deer who were chewing on our aspens out in front. I always thought deer were lazy and just ate what they found at eye level, or on the ground, but these deer were stretching their long necks up above the tree cages, chewing the leaves. I’m sure they sense winter is coming, and they’re trying to buff up. We’ve had mild weather so far this fall, but you can tell winter is knocking at the door. I’m hoping to finish the greenhouse deck before it snows, but we had some rain last week, and it turned my excavation into a mudhole. So much fun!
          Monday night I went to see The Piano Guys with John’s family at the new high school in Heber. The piano guys were doing a benefit for the Heber Railroad, and they had a backup video showing them performing on a flatcar, riding along the Heber Creeper route. (You can see it on Youtube). You wouldn’t guess how many funky things they can do with a piano and a cello! It made me want to go home and practice the piano, even though I’ll never play like Jon Schmidt in this lifetime.
          Yesterday, Dad and I drove down to Salt Lake for a UTA meeting Dad had, and then we changed into nice clothes and went to the temple. But it was closed! I think they all closed early in the day because of the Relief Society broadcast last night. No matter–we figured the Lord would give us credit for trying. So we drove to Orem and to visit Grandpa. Bonnie was just leaving, and she said we picked a good time, because was very clear-headed right then. We had a great talk with him. He misses grandma a lot, of course, and wants to be with her. It’s funny, when I think of Grandma now, I don’t even remember that she was an old woman. I see a young, blonde woman standing in front of a quonset hut holding two little girls by the hand. And when I look at Grandpa, I see past the old man sitting there, to a handsome young army officer with dark wavy hair. Their bodies wore out, but they’re both the same beautiful people they’ve always been.
          We’re looking forward to seeing lots of you next Saturday and Sunday, for conference weekend. The cabin’s looking forward to seeing you, too. It’s renovation isn’t finished, but it feels way better with new cabinets and countertops. Oreo and Xena are not looking forward to seeing you, and they’ll probably both be hiding under the cabin the whole time.
          Lots of love, Mom