Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dear Kids,
         Dad and I had a great time in Boise. I had fun going over Katie’s life story with her. We had practically the same childhood, so that was really interesting. Our teen years couldn’t have been more different, so that was even more interesting. Dad and I left for home Thursday morning, very reluctantly. It was so warm there! Here at the cabin, it’s practically winter. There was snow on the mountains yesterday morning. It has rained a ton here, with some snow, which didn’t stick, but our deck project has come to a standstill because it’s so muddy. The deer go back and forth and back and forth, clueless about where they’ll hole up for the winter. There were a lot of gunshots yesterday, because of the elk hunt. The deer know they’re next.
          John cleaned our carpets Friday night with his magnificent machine. Dad helped him, and I holed up in the bunkhouse, where I stayed until 1 am. John and Dad were both asleep then, and the carpets were still damp, but there was a roaring fire going and it was 80 in the kitchen. By morning, everything was nearly dry. Nothing eats humidity like a wood-burning stove. John’s machine cleans so well that the carpets look practically new. He said he’s going to send Jacob and Aaron out to clean people’s carpets when they get a little older. They won’t charge much. Sounds like a great deal for everybody.
          Dad’s still very excited about his retirement, and he’s learning all about Medicare and Social Security. Yesterday we drove through Wild Willow, the subdivision by our church, and he showed me exactly which houses he liked. None of them are for sale right now, but I’m sure the right house will appear when we’re ready for it. Dad is especially excited that he only has 11 more weeks to work. He has always loved bus driving, but he’s looking forward to the change. Naturally I’m not going to let him slow down. After our trip to Hawaii, I’m thinking he could work for Deer Valley, because of our great connections there. I think he can choose his own days, so we can keep up with chess club and the piano classes on Wednesdays. Dad’s last day of work will be Friday, January 4th, and I think we’ll have his retirement party that night. Everyone who’s family, even remotely, is invited. We’ll let you know the time and place when we decide for sure. And of course we’ll pick up the tab. Dad’s retirement bonus will easily cover it.
          As most of you have noticed, I’ve started sending birthday presents through Amazon, because we’re not close enough to visit grandkids personally on their birthdays. (Not to mention that there are a heck of a lot of birthdays now.) Sometimes I get behind, because I forget to look at my chart. The disadvantage of sending presents, instead of giving them, is that I don’t always know that they arrived. I only assume it. If you could have your kids acknowledge their presents by a phone call, or a card, or a facebook message (though your account, of course) I would feel a lot better about it. Have them tell me they like the present, even if they don’t. It’s good training.
          Ah, life! Isn’t it fun! Love, Mom