Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dear Kids,
          It’s winter here at the cabin. We have a fire crackling in the stove. (Thanks, Donna and Bevan, for all the firewood!) We’ve already had our first blizzard, and naturally, I was driving over Parley’s Summit when it struck. Thankfully Dad had put the Blizzak tires on the Sienna the day before. We’ve had our first power outage here at the cabin, but I already know the number to call to report it. ( Last year, I practically had the number memorized.) I made a special heated kitty house for the cats, big enough for two, but they’re having more fun fighting over it than sharing it. One will sit just inside, blocking the entrance, and the other one will finally settle on the roof, where there’s another blanket. Dad thought I should make a second kitty house, but that would ruin the fun for them.
          Yesterday Dad and I were in Heber, and Tom took us on a tour through the house they’re going to buy. It’s very nice! The layout reminds me of Nora and James’s house, but the basement is unfinished. Naturally, Tom and Dad and I looked over the basement very carefully. We’ve already volunteered to help Tom finish it. I only wish Dad and I could find a house that perfect to buy for ourselves, here in Kamas Valley. I love it here at the cabin, but we need a real house where I can get back to doing some real work. (Yard work and remodeling don’t count.) (Piano teaching and family history printing do count.)
          Dad and I went to our ward’s trunk or treat last night. I dressed up like a witch and Dad was a vampire. It’s funny, back in 5th Ward we never went to trunk or treat, because I figured the kids could just as easily walk around our neighborhood Halloween night and collect their candy. Here it makes more sense, because our ward is spread from one end of the valley to the other. (I drive 17 miles to do my visiting teaching.) It was fun seeing all the kids (and some other grownups) in their costumes, and the whole thing was over with in about 20 minutes. Not counting the supper beforehand, of course.
          I just checked the calendar, and Thanksgiving is only 3 1/2 weeks away! Crazy! I will be cooking a turkey here at the cabin, of course, and whoever comes, comes. I’ll be anxious to give out food assignments, of course, so let me know what your plans are. If the snow isn’t too deep, some of us can hike the big loop.
          So much fun! Love to all! Mom