Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dear Kids,
          Everybody is on the move. Well, it seems like everybody. Tom and Kim are going to buy a house about two streets north of where they live now, on the corner of 720 East. Dad and I haven’t seen it yet, but you can be sure the next time we go to Heber we’ll want to have a look at it! John has been talking again about building their dream house. James has applied for a job in Logan, and hasn’t heard anything about it yet, but Nora has pointed out they they’ve lived in West Jordan ever since they were married, more than fourteen years ago, and a change would be good. Her calling as Young Women president is dragging her down, and that would be a convenient way to get out of it. Seth has applied for a fellowship at the University of Utah, and if he gets it, the Thackersons will probably have their free year at the cabin, starting in July. We’ve heard a rumor that Neil has also applied for a job at the U, but I don’t know anything more than that. Maybe it’s only a rumor. Meanwhile, Dad and I have a probable buyer for our house in Salt Lake. It’s in the early stages now, so I’ll let you know if and when it’s more definite. They are the absolute best people we could possibly sell the house to. And now Dad and I find ourselves in exactly the same state we were in back in 1976. What house are we going to live in? What will Dad’s job be? We have enough money that he doesn’t have to work, but he’ll be a lot happier if he has something to get up and go do, where he’s hopefully driving and getting people where they need to go. That’s what he’s done for almost 37 years, and he’s enjoyed it very much. It would be ideal if something could work out at for him at Deer Valley.
          We’ve had a long, mild fall here at the cabin, and my projects have gotten a lot farther than I expected them to. I’m almost done with the deck in back. My ring of rocks (my "planter") out in front is done, and Donna arranged for me to get 12 yards of sifted topsoil to fill it. (I’m going to need more, however, because I want to mound it up in the middle.) Meanwhile, Xena considers it a giant 25-foot litter box. She’s very pleased. The deer have walked thorough it. I’m looking for a life-sized moose or elk to put in the middle. There was a roadside display down in Heber, but I missed it because we were gone to Boise. If any of you see one of those displays anywhere, please call me! I could buy a life-sized bronze moose from Luna Bronze, across from John’s office, but it would cost $70,000. That’s a little steep.
          There’s a magpie out on the top of the swingset, surveying his territory, looking very arrogant. He’s probably one of those three ungrateful wretches that I rescued in the greenhouse. All the quality birds have flown south for the winter.
          Love you all! Mom