Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Kids,
          Aunt Elma died on Friday. She’s Grandpa Allen’s older sister, which leaves Grandpa the only member of his family who’s still alive. I’m sure all his family will welcome him, too, when his time comes, but it’s evidently not yet. Dad and I visited him yesterday at his house, and he was really cheerful. He was reading Louis L’Amour stories and listening to music. We talked to him about lots of things, because he’s such a good listener. It doesn’t matter whether he remembers anything we say. I hope I’m that cheerful when I get old.
          Anyway, about Aunt Elma . . . . Dad and I won’t be at the Easter Picnic on Saturday because we’re going to Mesa for the funeral. We’ll be leaving Thursday morning and coming back Saturday afternoon. Aunt Elma died at exactly the right time, because I was yearning for a road trip. This time of the year, I always want to go south. When we got the phone call yesterday morning, it was 18 degrees outside and snowing. I said, "Mesa? We’re there!" We might be taking Nancy and Barbara with us. Charlie and Andy are flying down together, and Rich and Jeanne are driving from Las Vegas, where they’re staying now. It’ll be a fun get-together with my brothers and sisters, as well as my cousins.
          Stefanie’s grandma had a stroke last week and she’s in the hospital in Logan. We hope she recovers! She was so excited about the wedding! I had fun getting to know her at the bridal shower in Logan, and she also came to the shower at Missy’s a couple of weeks ago. We’re praying for her recovery.
          Dad and I have been working really hard on our West Valley house. We bought a new stove top, the old-fashioned electric-coil kind, because it was so cheap, and Dad put it in. We’ve been painting and repairing, too. We got a new attic ladder to replace the old broken one in the carport, and that will be one of our projects next week. (By the way, if any of you have stuff in our attic, please come and get it out as soon as possible.) We’re planning to put the house up for sale around the first of May.
          So much to do! So much fun! Love, Mom