Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Kids,
          This is the first Sunday I can ever remember when I didn’t know we were gong onto daylight saving time. That’s how isolated Dad and I are here at the cabin. If Dad hadn’t turned his phone off last night, and turned it on again this morning, we wouldn’t have known. Luckily, when he turned it on, he saw the time jump from 6:10 am to 7:10. Just think, the primary kids would have had to sing acappella. (We have primary first.) But I’m sure we wouldn’t have been the only people coming an hour late for church.
          Dad had turned off his cell phone because we were watching Ellie perform in "Sussical" at her school last night. You wouldn’t think an elementary school production of any musical would be very professional, but we were blown away. These kids were terrific! Ellie was very cute as a "Who." (You know, all the Whos down in Whoville . . . .)
          We also totally enjoyed the shower for Stefanie at Al and Missy’s house. Dad and Paul and Al went out shooting while the girls partied. Stefanie’s Mom and Grandma came, and I had already met them last week at the shower in Logan, but I was glad the rest of you girls could meet them. And thanks to Missy for the great food!
          Of course we’re all looking forward to the wedding April 13th, but here are some other things coming up:
          March 24: I’ll be cooking Sunday dinner at the cabin.
          March 30: Easter Saturday. Does anybody want to plan an Easter egg hunt at their house? It’s still too wet and soggy at the cabin to do anything there.
          April 6-7: Conference weekend. If you want to come to the cabin and watch Conference with us, I’ll be fixing Sunday dinner again. That will be my Sunday dinner for April.
         When we went back to our West Valley house last week, we discovered that Xena has acquired a roommate. There’s a big fluffy part-siamese cat with stripes on her face that now lives with Xena in the kitty room. I remember seeing her when she was a kitten. We called her "Striped Face." She has two siblings that are also mostly siamese: "Dark Face" and "Skunk Face." We see them running through our yard now and then, but they haven’t taken up residence. Now here’s a good question: when we sell the house, does Xena go with it? What about the extra cat?
          Life is good! I love you all! Mom