Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dear Kids,
          Today would have been Charlotte’s 12th birthday. It’s strange to think she would be starting Young Women! She would probably be even taller than Addie! Of course Addie probably wouldn’t be exactly who she is if Charlotte had lived, because she would have been born at a later time. I know everything works out for the best. Normally Dad and I would be going to the cemetery with Nora’s family today, but we live so far away now, and we’ve been on the road all weekend. Still, I’m thinking about Charlotte right now. She’s probably hanging out with Grandma Allen and Grandma Mair and all the other family she has on the other side.
           There was a shower for Stefanie in Logan yesterday, so Dad and I used that as an excuse for a road trip. We left Friday afternoon and drove to Brigham City, where we hung out with Andy and Renae at their house. They’re always inviting people to come and stay over and go to the temple with them, so we took them up on it. Their house is gigantic! All the bedrooms are like suites! So we had a suite with its own bathroom, and three windows looking out onto the street. It was odd to see so many other houses around. I used to think Brigham City was a small town, but compared to Kamas Valley, it’s a metropolis.
          You have to have an appointment for the Brigham City temple, and it was especially busy yesterday morning because they’re closing for two weeks for maintenance. I asked Renae if they overbooked, like the airlines, but she said no; if there are extra seats, they allow walk-ins. It’s very small inside, and the locker rooms are really crowded. But we had a wonderful session. Dad and I can’t wait to go back.
           The shower for Stefanie was lots of fun, and I got to meet all her aunts and some of her cousins and friends and her grandma. We played lots of shower games and laughed a lot. Paul and Dad hung out while we partied–I think they went to lunch. Next Saturday is the shower we’re having for Stefanie at Missy’s house. It’s at 2:00, I think. That one will be lots of fun, too.
          I love you all! Mom