Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dear Kids,
          Dad and I are hanging out in Heber today. Dad is at Tom’s house, helping trench the front yard for sprinklers. Tom and Donna and Bevan are all working on it, too. I thought I was going to be helping, but the trencher was putting out a lot of exhaust, so I had to leave. I went to Walmart, and then to John’s office, and now I’m at his house. Heather is down the street helping clean up their Young Women’s garage sale, which we donated lots of stuff to. In fact, Dad and I went by the garage sale early this morning, to see how things were going. It was weird to see my clothes hanging up. I saw my dress from John’s wedding, along with my dress from Vanessa’s wedding, along with lots of other stuff from our house, which we didn’t need. Everything that wasn’t sold is being donated to the thrift store by John’s office, and I hope it all gets sold and used eventually.
          In the same vein, I have to mention driving by our West Valley house last week. Actually, we were out on 4100 South, driving past. I looked over towards our backyard, and I saw lots of chairs on the deck and a picnic table on the grass. It felt indescribably good, knowing other people were really enjoying our house. We certainly hadn’t been using it for picnics and barbecues.
          Our birthday party for Dad is just a week from Monday, on Memorial Day. I hope lots of you can come! We’ll probably eat around 2:00 in the afternoon, or later, if some of you can’t come till later. Dad and I will provide hamburgers and hot dogs, and a drink. If any of you can bring chips or salads or desserts, let me know. We’ll have fun breaking in the new barbecue. I’m sure it will enjoy many fine parties.
          While you’re at the cabin for the barbecue, if anybody wants to drive over to our new house and walk through it, this is the perfect time. Most of the framing will be done by then. Since they started framing last Tuesday, Dad and I have gone there every day at 6:00, after the framers have gone home. We have lots of fun walking around inside. Out the back windows, you can see a cool horse farm. Out the side, you can see our church steeple. Out the other side is a picture perfect view of the mountains and the river bottom and Victory Ranch. I’m very excited to live there!
          Heather and Julie just came home from the garage sale. Julie is wearing one of my old sweaters, and it looks really good on her. Aubrey showed me that she got a ceramic cat, which used to be in our house. It’s all good!
          Lots of love, Mom