Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dear Kids,
          Dad and I had a moose-moving party on Friday. It was only the two of us, but we managed to move Mr. Moose out to the front of the cabin, onto the rock island that I built. He looked so gigantic, standing up on that hill, that I wondered if he was maybe too big. He was supposed to be a yard decoration, but he’s a landmark, instead. People can say, "I live two houses down from the moose," or, "If you see the moose, you’ve gone too far." For us, it will be easy now, letting people know where we live. "Just look for the moose." Anyway, he’s big. To soften the effect, I’ve been planting trees and shrubs around him, as per the design Donna made me. Two of the aspens came from Tom’s front yard, along with a pine tree (that may or may not survive.) Dad and I have spent a couple of days working with Donna on Tom’s sprinkler system, so we’ve had a lot of fun digging and hauling rocks. (Donna is hauling her own load right now, so we’ve tried to do as much of the lifting as possible.) Tom has been a total fireball, getting off work early, digging like a demon, and gluing pipe like a maniac. Bevan has been there helping, too. Hey, everybody, about a year from now, I want the same work party happening in our yard on Scenic Heights Road. Only we’ll have even more rocks than Tom, if that’s possible.
          Besides lots of rocks, our new house now has a complete roof and heat ducts. Dad and I walk through it every evening after the workmen have left. While they were framing, I noticed that an important doorway had been left out, and there was just a wall instead. Naturally I called the supervisor right away. It was easy for them to change it the next day, but it would have been more complicated later. So we check everything every day.
          Dad and I are looking forward to his birthday party tomorrow. The barbecue is all ready to be fired up! I have lots of hamburgers and hot dogs ready to cook. The weather is supposed to be great. Life is good!
          Lots of love, Mom