Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dear Kids,
          We had a lot of fun at Paul’s graduation Friday. Dad and I drove to Logan with Donna, Bevan, Anna, and Paige (to entertain Anna). The most fun was standing outside the Spectrum and watching the graduates walk down the sidewalk. Paul stood out, of course. If the graduates were really smart, they would peel off before they got inside, and go to their various parties, because the ceremony was very dull. When the masters degrees were done, we thought we were home free, but then they started the PhD’s, and they were taking half a minute per person! I decided that Anna needed to run around outside, so she and Paige and I made our exit. Outside, Anna decided that the cemetery was the best place to play, and she went in through a break in the fence. In a few minutes she was crying, so we went in and found her with blood on her face. I took her back inside to the first aid station, where they cleaned it off and showed us she had a puncture wound that needed stitches. (She probably fell against one of those sharp headstones.) All six of us gladly left to find the instacare. It took more than an hour for the stitches, but Dad and Paige and I watched the movie "Up" in the waiting room. It was definitely more interesting than watching PhD’s get hooded.
          Later we had a picnic at Merlin Olsen Park with Stefanie’s family, and the little girls played. That was probably the best part of the day.
          Back here at the cabin, things are always fun. We had a raccoon in the greenhouse (he probably came in through the kitty door) and he ripped open a cardboard box with dried beans and macaroni in it. He made a total mess of the greenhouse. I think he’s the one who destroyed Oreo’s cat feeder, not Oreo and Tomcat. The wrong people always get the blame!
           Over on Scenic Heights Road, our hole in the ground now has footings! The big dirt hills around the hole are still the biggest excitement, however. When we tended Nora’s kids on Tuesday, the highlight of their day was climbing all four hills. (Even Isaac.)
          Hopefully some of you will want to come to a Memorial Day picnic here. It’s a double holiday, because it’s also Dad’s birthday! We’ll have to have an extra big party!
      Lots of love, Mom