Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dear Kids,
          Dad and I are still recovering from the excitement of the family reunion. Thanks to all of you who made it happen! The Tetons are always beautiful, and it was great having nearly all of our family together. Almost anything you do with that many people is bound to be fun.
          Speaking of fun, Sharon and her kids were here until Tuesday afternoon. On Monday, Dad and I needed to go to Home Depot, and we took everybody along. Surprisingly, it turned out to be lots of fun. The kids and I checked out playground kits in the back of the store, and they each took one of the booklets showing all the swings and slides and pirate accessories. They walked through the store looking at the pictures of forts, while Dad and Sharon and I looked at refrigerators and washing machines and flooring. Later, at home, we planned the fort we’re going to build next summer when the Thacker kids come back. (Any other grandchildren who would like to help will be welcome.) This fort is going to be at the new house, of course. (Assuming that Fieldstone Homes is every ready for us to occupy it.) Besides the fort, we’re going to have the big swings, an airplane teeter-totter, a sand digger, and a grown-ups bench. It will be a real playground. I pointed out to Sharon that we’re slowing down on grandchildren, so maybe we shouldn’t be so extravagant with the play equipment, but she said there will always be more grandchildren. 
          Besides our trip to Home Depot, we also had fun playing in the river. I don’t remember it ever being so low, and it might never be this low again. A couple hundred yards down from the bridge, it’s only rocks, with water running around them. Conrad was totally thrilled, wading around and sitting right down in the little pools. Charlie found a pool big enough to fall into. Everybody who wanted to get wet, did. Having that much fun in the river made me realize that the best times are often the most spontaneous and cheapest things you can do.
          Last night Dad and I drove to Logan for Stefanie’s brother’s wedding reception. I know, Brad was totally single when Paul and Stefanie got married in April, and he didn’t even catch the garter when they threw it. (Dave Michelson did.) But one of his former girlfriends came home from a mission to Spain, and their romance took off like a rocket. Dad and I really enjoyed seeing all Stefanie’s family again, and we had a good time visiting with Paul, while Stefanie and her friend Ann were out decorating the car. The Riebens are happy to have all their children well-married now, although they never expected to have TWO weddings in four months.
          Summer is sure winding down fast. Autumn comes early here at the cabin, but we’re up for it! Winter, too!
          Lots of love, Mom