Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dear Kids,
          Sharon and Donna put on a fun party yesterday here at the cabin. They showed up with their husbands and kids, and Holly and Tim Fower (Sharon and Seth’s old friends from way back) with their four kids. Right in the middle of the party a big storm blew in (Lucy said it was "very thundering") and we had a great downpour. So it was the best possible afternoon.
          Dad and I had spent the morning laying sod, dead sod, actually, on the sledding hill. We’ve been working on that project most of the summer. I put down dead sod about four years ago, but it didn’t hold up to the climate here, and the deer. This time I’m overseeding it with sheep fescue and watering it to get it going. We picked up our current batch of sod on Friday, at Donna’s work site high up in Deer Crest. No wonder she likes her job! The view over the Jordanelle is incredible. Plus, she’s "outside," planting trees and shrubs, driving a truck around . . . what’s not to like?!
          Dad and I are still going to the Heber Senior Center on Thursdays, (the Wasatch Center), enjoying their great meals and getting our chess club started. We always have at least one person show up, but it seems to be somebody different every week. Last Thursday we had two 12-year-old twin boys who just moved here from Burley. They love chess, and they said they want to come every week. They told us they don’t mind hanging out with "old" people. Fortunately we don’t mind hanging out with 12-year-olds. We had a lot of fun.
          The comedy of our new house goes on and on. It’s been nearly nine months. Right now they’re still waiting for the right garage doors to come in. (They gave us plain doors, when we paid a lot extra for doors with windows at the top). But if they were really serious about finishing and closing, you’d think they would have everything else done and be ready to go. But they still haven’t finished leveling the lot across the street and removing the debris, which our contract says they will do. And they haven’t done the final paint job, including all the outside doors. Dad and I haven’t been inside for three weeks, because it’s all locked up now, so we don’t know what else hasn’t been finished up. I try not to think about it too much.
          Nevertheless, life is good. I love you all! Mom