Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dear Kids,
          We’ve had a lot of rain here at the cabin, and we’re expecting more. It’s really odd, since we had such a long hot dry summer. I’m glad for the change. 
          Sharon and Seth left for home on Wednesday. We didn’t see them much the last 2 1/2 weeks they were here because they were off visiting everybody else, in our car, which we were glad to lend them. (Sharon wrote on facebook that they traveled 2,000 miles while they were here. Our Sienna was up for it!) So Dad and I drove the truck during that time, and had some good adventures. One afternoon we went up the canyon looking for hiking trails, and decided to check out an area called Cedar Hollow. We took off on a little road, thinking it would take us to a trail head, but it WAS the trail–a 4-wheeler trail. It got steeper and rockier, with a cliff off one side and a mountain on the other. Naturally we couldn’t turn around or back up, so we kept going. Eventually we came to a turnout with several other trails coming off it. Long story short: we turned around and got back down OK. Now we can say we’ve been 4-wheelin’ in a Chevy truck with 2-wheel drive.
          Our new house is still just sitting there, but we have some indications that Fieldstone Homes might be willing to finish it up. I’m not very eager to actually live there, but I really want to move our stuff in and sort it out. Where are my winter clothes? My sewing supplies? Where’s my colored cardstock? Those sorts of things. Besides, there’s at least one dead mouse under our furniture in the greenhouse. Maybe more. I’m anxious to move everything out and clean up the detritus before winter. 
          If you drive past our old house in West Valley, along 4100 South, you can see that the Salgueros have planted corn in the back yard. It’s taller than the fence. Go, Guatemalans!
          We’re doin’ great and lovin’ it. Hope you all are too!
          Love, Mom