Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dear Kids,
          I’m sure most of you have heard the wonderful news that Nora and James are expecting another little Mair. We’re very thrilled for them. I think the baby is due around the first of April. Nora just had her 12-week visit to the doctor, and they heard the baby’s heartbeat,and everything seems to be fine. What could be more exciting!
          Lagoon, maybe? Dad and I spent Friday night at Lagoon with Nora’s and Donna’s families. We haven’t been for many years, but thanks to Allen’s passes, we got in for $11.00 each. (Except for Nora’s family, who got in with their season passes.) I forgot how much fun Lagoon is! And I also forgot how old I am, and that your body doesn’t do scary rides the same when you’re a senior citizen. I was sort of remembering how it was as a teenager, so I took off with Ben and Stu and we did the old white roller coaster, the Colossus, (where I blacked out on the second loop) and the swings, all in a row. Dad was wise and walked around with the grandkids. Oh, he went on the Bat. It was all fun. But I remembered that senior citizens have to have fun differently. Too bad the sky ride and the ferris wheel were closed down!
          Dad and I are still fixing up our new house. We’ve mostly painted over the bad smell and the wrong colors. On Friday, our refrigerator was delivered from RC Willey, and our piano was picked up from Tom’s house and brought to ours. On Saturday, Tom and his family came to visit the piano (oops, I mean they came to visit us) and Kim brought her music and played the piano for a while. I guess it was a sad parting for them. With the piano, I mean. Looks like they’ll have to visit Skip Daynes and see what he can do for them. Once you get used to playing a really good piano, it’s hard to make do with a keyboard, or anything else.
          Don’t forget it’s conference weekend in two weeks. We’d love to have you here on Saturday, to help us move the last of our stuff. If you’re going to be here for Sunday dinner, let me know, OK?
          Life is good! Love, Mom