Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dear Kids,
          People keep asking us, "Are you all moved in yet?" and I don’t know what to say. "We’re re-painting a brand new house." "I have to put in closet shelves and rods because I didn’t trust the builders to do it right." "We have to put in a kitty door before we can bring our cats." "We’re really comfy at our cabin and I’m in no hurry." All of the above. So we just say, "We’re getting there." And it’s lots of fun. Dad is doing most of the painting, and the obnoxious smell of the original paint is gradually getting covered up. I’m doing shelves and rods and knobs and blinds. We’ve made three trips to Salt Lake to buy stuff. On our first trip, we bought a TV and a refrigerator and a microwave and a wheelbarrow, and lots of other stuff. We spent $3,000. Our other trips haven’t been so lavish. We’ve gotten all our paint from the West Valley Walmart, because they’re the only ones that can mix it right. (We’ve also tried Heber and Park City and Downtown.) There are a gazillion projects ahead of us, and they’ll all be fun. 
          We’ll be doing conference weekend here at the cabin. Maybe we’ll have a moving party on Saturday (Oct. 5,) and move stuff out of the bunkhouse, so people can sleep there, if they need to. Of course the guys will be going to the priesthood session that evening. I’ll be fixing Sunday dinner the next day, and we’ll eat around 1 pm. Let me know if you’ll be coming, so I’ll be sure to make enough food. Even though Dad and I won’t be living at the cabin forever, we’ll always have conference weekend here. The TV isn’t very big, compared to the new ones out there now, but you don’t have to really look at the speakers. You only have to listen to them. 
          I have to go frost cupcakes. I’m going visiting teaching this afternoon, and I can’t disappoint my ladies.
          Lots of love, Mom