Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dear Kids,
          Dad and I had a wonderful time in Goblin Valley with Donna and Bevan–at least the first day. We hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon, where there are slot canyons a couple of hundred feet deep, and cottonwoods, and red rock, and sand . . . very beautiful. (Definitely not the Telestial world, if you know what I mean.) After the hike we came back to our camp site, and by then the wind had really picked up. We had the best spot in the campground, behind a red rock fin, but the wind whistled through it, and it had carried Donna and Bevan’s tent 100 feet up the hill. Some nice person had pulled our poles out of our tent, so it was OK, except for a snapped fly pole. We tried to set things right, but the wind got stronger. (We later saw on the news that it uprooted a tree in Cedar City.) We sent Dad and Bevan over to the ranger station to see if we could get one of the yerts for that night, but they were both taken. We thought about getting a motel room in Hanksville, but I was sure it would cost $100 and be full of cockroaches and bad smells. Donna is such a die-hard that she didn’t want to give up, but there were little cyclones twisting across the desert floor, and the wind was so strong we could barely stand upright. So we finally packed up our stuff to go home. But first, we had to drive over and see the valley of the goblins (where a scoutmaster pushed off the head of one, as you probably heard.) Then we headed back to civilization. By the time we got to Price it was starting to rain, and going over Soldier Summit we were in a blizzard, of course. It rained and snowed the rest of the way home. But it was still a great trip. Goblin Valley would be a great place for a family reunion, just not in July or August. It’s all red rock and sand, and there’s a nice group camp site. Just thinking . . .
          Thanksgiving is coming up! Al’s family is most likely going to be there, and also Paul and Stefanie. I’ll call each of you when it gets closer. The cabin is up for it! (Not the new house, of course. It’s too wimpy.) 
          Dad and I are going to sing in the Messiah in Heber. The first practice is tonight, and I’m very excited. Tom will be in it too, of course. We’re putting it on December 14th and 15th.
          Hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom