Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dear Kids,
          It’s already bedtime, and I’m just getting around to writing my family letter. Dad and I have had an extremely busy Sunday. It started at 8 this morning when we both had meetings–Dad for the Sunday School presidency, and me for the Relief Society. Then, we both gave talks in Sacrament meeting, besides Dad conducting the music and me playing the organ. We came home from church and had dinner, and the bishop dropped by to chat with us. Unfortunately, it was for a calling we couldn’t accept. By then we were late to go home teaching (I’m Dad’s companion,) but we visited all three of his families anyway. Then we came home and went to the Messiah practice in Heber. (We dropped off boxes at John’s house on the way.) We had to leave the practice a little early, though, because we had arranged for the young men in the ward to come by our house and "lift where you stand." We needed them to move our grand piano out of the living room, and then lay out a rug we bought and lift it back again. (We had already discovered that you can’t do it by lifting one leg at a time.) They came on schedule, and it only took a few minutes. We were very grateful to them. Now we’re just catching our breath and winding down. 
          Nora and James are moving again a week from Saturday–most likely to the cabin. Their new house in Centerville has a foundation, and Mark Ulrich is expecting them to close by January 23rd, but they have to be out of the Michelson’s house right away, and they need someplace to live temporarily. Besides, won’t it be fun to have them close by for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Nora’s planning to put her kids in school here, even if it’s just for a short time. Dad’s going to drive them in the morning. And there will also be sledding on the hill and swimming at the fitness center, plus all the magic of the cabin. I can tell you, the cabin wants people again! It has been crying since we moved out. Even the moose is downhearted. This will be a good development. 
          Yesterday was Isaac’s birthday, and Nora had invited us to come celebrate with them. We met at the house they’re moving out of, and then we drove to their new lot. What a spectacular view they’re going to have! The front of their house faces the mountain, with a little park across the street, and the back faces the whole valley. It’s a small lot, but James is excited not to mow much lawn. We hope everything goes well during the construction. We really hope they have a better time of it than we had!
          Let me know your Thanksgiving plans! It’s coming up fast!
          Love, Mom