Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dear Kids,
          So much is going on! Yesterday Dad and I helped Nora and James with their move to the cabin. Nearly everything they were taking fit into the back of our truck! They also filled a very large U-Haul truck with other things going to their storage unit in Woods Cross. Luckily there were a lot of people helping out at the house in Kaysville: Donna and Bevan, a nice family of neighbors, Dave Michelson, James’s brother Paul, and of course all of Nora and James’s children, besides Dad and myself. Donna thought it would take all day, but we were out of there by noon. Dad and I drove Donna most of the way back, and then at Keatley Junction we dropped her off where she’d left her car, and picked up Tom, who came to the cabin with us to help unload. Then he and Dad went to Home Depot to buy insulation for his basement. I stayed at the cabin to start a fire, and when Nora and James’s family arrived, it heated up really nicely, with all those warm bodies. I hope they’re settling in OK. They’re in our ward now, and it was fun having them at church today (although Adelaide had to go home early because of a headache.) I think the cabin is glad to have people in it again. 
          On Thursday John and Heather closed on the house they’re buying. Dad and I haven’t even seen it yet, we’ve been so busy. But we’ve given them all our empty boxes, to pack their stuff in. I think they’re moving the end of next week. John has already arranged to swap us his car for the truck. 
          Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday. I’m making the turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pies. Stefanie is making a yam bake. Donna’s making rolls. Nora usually does the potatoes, so maybe she could do that again. That leaves salad and/or a vegetable, extra pies or other desserts, and the drink. Maybe there’s something else I haven’t thought of. Call me if you don’t have an assignment, OK?
          Dad and I visited with Grandpa on Friday. He’s still living at Nancy and Bruce’s house, while they’re waiting for a spot to open up at a care center in Spanish Fork. Grandpa was very pleasant, and always tells us how wonderful we are, which is always nice to hear. Dad and I looked through the book Andy put together (our internet isn’t fast enough to see it online) and we’re very happy about how it turned out. Thanks to all of you for sending in your pictures!
          Life is good! Lots of love, Mom