Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dear Kids,
          Bonnie just sent out a note that the big Allen family reunion will be June 28 (2014) at the same park as always, in Provo. I was hoping it could be later, so that Sharon and Seth could time their visit for both, but Sharon says that she and the kids might come for as long as five weeks, and have the reunion at both ends of their trip. I hope that works out for them! (Seth might come for a week sometime in the middle.) So mark your calendars for June 28 for the big reunion, and also for the first weekend in August (I think it’s August 1 & 2) for our Ackerson reunion.
          What else is new here? Still no snow, but a house is being built next door to us! It seems really odd to me, since there are 61 lots in the development, and only 9 have been taken, but I guess it will be nice to have neighbors. At least the house is a rambler, so we’ll still be able to see our church steeple from our upstairs bedroom window.
          Dad and I have become good friends with a couple in our ward, the Willises, who live in Victory Ranch. The wife, Shirlene, takes piano lessons from me. They have a baby grand piano, but it’s pretty deficient, and their piano tuner recommended that they donate it and get something better. Dad and I offered to take them piano shopping, and naturally we went to Daynes Music, so they could start at the top. (Steinways and Bostons.) They’re obviously pretty wealthy, and they could probably afford anything, but they’re careful with their money, and they weren’t ready to make a decision yet. After Daynes music, we went to lunch at Applebies, and then to the Humanitarian center, and then to the Welfare Square DI. I told them that shopping at the DI was an important part of Utah culture. (We also had to explain that 1700 South is really 17th South, 4000 West is really 40th West, etc.) So, we went from looking at $90,000 Steinways to shopping at the DI. It was lots of fun.
            Two of my  Dr. Seuss books are missing, Horton Hatches the Egg and the 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. Has anybody seen them?
          Don’t forget Sunday dinner at our house next week, Feb 2, at 4:00 pm.
          Lots of love, Mom