Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dear Kids,
          It’s so barren around here! No snow! Well, there are probably three or four inches out there somewhere, but around the house, where the wind sweeps it clean, I’m still looking at the same dirt and rocks that annoyed me so much last fall. Since it’s fast Sunday, I’m sure lots of people are fasting for snow. I like it mainly for its looks, but the farmers and ranchers need it for their crops and their cattle, and the ski resorts need it for skiers and snowboarders. (By the way, that’s another reason we want snow–I want to go snowboarding at Brighton as soon as possible.)
          I have an appointment in Salt Lake tomorrow to see an orthopedic doctor about my right hand. Have any of you heard of trigger finger? Your middle finger curls up suddenly and locks in place, and nothing will open it up. You can’t pull it open, even if you could stand the pain. It lasts anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, and then, mysteriously, your finger uncurls and you’re back to normal. I try to ignore it when it happens, but it’s hard to play the piano or use power tools without that middle finger. A lady in my senior piano class had the same thing, so she referred me to the doctor who fixed it. 
          I sent out a "holiday" letter on New Years, to let our old friends know where we are. We’ve been dropped from most of their Christmas card lists, and I want to get back on. As part of my letter, I naturally told them a little bit about each of you. If you want a copy of the letter, let me know, OK?
          Our chess club in Heber is still limping along with just three people: Dad, myself, and Laura Ribinski. (Some of you met her at the sledding party. She came because she wanted to see what a big Mormon family looks like.) So, with only three people in chess club, we have lots of freedom to talk about whatever we want, which is usually the Mormon Church. Laura is very interested in everything about the Mormons, but she says she won’t convert. Still, she has a Book of Mormon, her ward mission leader knows where she lives, she has visiting teachers, and she’s met the missionaries. I hope we can soon take it to the next level.
          Mark your calendars now for Sunday dinner at our house on February 2, if you think you can come. We’ll eat at 4:00, unless we need to move it back to 5. Our house is up for it! It has shown us that it can hold up to a crowd.
          I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom