Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dear Kids,
          Such a sad weekend! There’s so much to fast and pray for today. We’re feeling for Monica and Neil, and the tragic loss of their baby that would have been born in July. I’m praying constantly that they’ll make the best possible choices in this situation. And then there’s Grandpa Allen, whose life is slowly ebbing out. Dad and I visited him on Friday, and when I looked at his worn-out tired old body, I had to make myself look up at the picture of him with Grandma Allen, on their wedding day, in front of the Arizona temple. That’s who they really are! Grandpa has a blood clot in his leg, along with pneumonia, and he’s so weak he can’t get up by himself. Hospice is coming in to help take care of him. Nancy and her family are doing the rest. And Bonnie, who oversees everything. We’re so grateful to them! 
          Last month we were fasting for "moisture" (we really would have preferred snow) and thankfully, we’ve had lots lately. Vanessa says they’re getting it in Idaho, too. It’s mostly been rain and "mizzle" here at our house, but there’s been snow at the cabin. The sledding hill still looks good! I’m grateful for all the moisture we’ve received, and I hope there will be more. I’ve never seen the Jordanelle so low.
          Last Monday I had the surgery on my hand, and everything would have been fine, except that the resident who was helping out bandaged my hand too tight. My fingers started swelling as soon as we got home, but I thought that was normal. Then my hand started hurting so much I could hardly stand it, and I figured that was the surgery, too, and I just kept taking percocet. Finally, through the fog, I realized it was the side of my hand that hurt, not the middle, and I could see that the edge of the bandage was cutting into my skin. So I immediately undid the bandage, and it started feeling better. Within a couple of hours the pain was nearly gone. It will take a while to heal completely, and I haven’t been able to play the piano or use power tools this week, but there’s always plenty to do. There are still 24 hours in a day.
          The strange house being built next to us has come to a standstill. I remember now that the first day the framers came, they spent a long time looking at the plans, and then they left. Next day they were back, and they framed. But now maybe the builder himself has taken another look. I hope it gets fixed. I don’t want an empty house sitting next to us for the next 20 years.
          I enjoyed talking to all of you yesterday, even though it wasn’t good news.

          Lots of love, Mom