Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dear Kids,
          Can you guys picture Dad addicted to Sudoku puzzles? He was talking to our doctor about aging, Alzheimers, and other issues, and the dr. suggested that he get into Sudoku to help keep his mind active. So he bought a booklet at Walmart, and he’s always working on the puzzles. I have to tear him away if we need to go do something. I can’t complain because he’s having lots of fun. The doctor also suggested that they have a look at his kidneys, since there was some kind of a flag in his blood results. He had an ultrasound Friday at the Death Star, and they found a cyst (13mm, he said) on one kidney. But when they looked at images from five years ago, it was already there, and it hasn’t grown any since. All this, besides Grandpa’s death, has reminded me that mortality is a terminal condition. As Grandpa used to say, "Nobody gets out of it alive."
          It was so nice seeing all of you at the viewing and funeral! It was such a happy time! I think people’s prayers were sustaining us. We have two older Hispanic friends at the Harman center, both of them Catholics married to Mormon women, and they both told us they were praying for us. I could feel those prayers, and a lot more besides. I walked around in a happy cloud for several days, but now it’s back to the usual daily challenges. But Grandpa wouldn’t want us to mope. He was always fascinated by those daily challenges.
          Our prayers are still with Monica and the loss of their baby. We hope she recovers physically and mentally and spiritually. What a terrible blow that was.
          Our piano class at the Lighthouse Church is now bursting at the seams. Our Hispanics had dwindled down to practically nothing, so we asked the new stake president (Mike Higginson) if we could simply become the Stake Piano Class, and have the bishops put it in their ward bulletins. He happened to be at the stake center filming a video (which the ladies will see in the conference on March 29) and he came in to have a look at our class and our materials. We explained that the stake needs more organists and pianists, and not just in the Spanish branch. He okayed the project, and now we’re overrun with new people, which we’re very happy about. We have two new teachers, too. And we’ve requested more keyboards from the Church music department. All this is a wonderful distraction from daily life.
          And of course life is good. I love you all. Mom