Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dear Kids,
          Nora and James will be having their baby a week from today, unless the baby decides to appear earlier. Their kids will be at our house from Saturday night until Tuesday, except that Adelaide and Paige will be at Donna’s for part of the time. Nora was delighted when her doctor agreed to move up the delivery date, which makes her pregnancy three days shorter. Everyone agrees that the baby is BIG, and he needs to get out and into the world. Naturally we’re praying that everything will go well.
          Conference is two weeks from today, and we’re making a few modifications because of the new baby. I don’t think we’ll be able to do the usual Saturday night Café Rio dinner, but if any of the guys want to go to the priesthood session with Dad, let me know, and we’ll have an ice cream party at our house afterwards. If anybody wants to stay over at the cabin on Saturday night, that will be fine. Dad and I will be watching both sessions of conference at the cabin on Sunday, and we’ll be having dinner there, probably around 12:30. Please let me know if you’re coming, so I’ll be sure to fix enough food. Maybe the Mair family and the new baby will be there, too!
          Our new friends at the Heber senior center have thoroughly corrupted us–they got us to sign up for their Wendover trip this coming Thursday. The bus ride is free, and so is the buffet, so it’s a heckuva’ deal. When I said we didn’t gamble, they said there are lots of other things to do in Wendover. Like what? One lady says she walks around town with her camera and takes pictures of flowers and lizards. I finally said we’d come, but I’m bringing a chess board, and I expect people to play chess with me on the bus. Dad is very excited to be going somewhere different. I guess I am, too. Especially if it’s warmer than here!
          But spring is coming. Dad and I have been working in our yard. Last weekend Allen’s scouts did a service project here, tearing down the posts of the barbed wire fence, hauling rocks, and piling up wood for our bonfire. We have a gigantic cottonwood stump to burn up, so I had the scouts pile all the extra wood around it. We bought two gallons of diesel fuel to pour on it. Maybe tomorrow we’ll torch it.
          Lots of love to all! Mom