Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dear Kids,
          Dad and I have practically finished our first window well. It looks very sturdy, but it’ll look much better when it’s plastered over. We’re also getting ready to start our sprinkler system. Donna is helping us plan it out, and she went with Dad to Home Depot yesterday to buy parts. One thing they brought home was a giant drill bit to use with the hammer drill, since we need to put a hole through our basement wall. That will be for the water line going out. None of this is making our house or yard look any better, at least not yet. I’m still staring out the window at the same rocks as always, minus the ones Al’s scout troop gathered up, plus a few new ones that we’ve dug up. Oh, well. Our whole (future) neighborhood is torn up, and the house next door is still under construction. If we had a nicely landscaped yard, it would look out of place.
          Some of you have probably heard that Stefanie has been having headaches and double vision. She had a MRI on Tuesday, and Paul texted me some information about what they found. I couldn’t understand the medical mumbo jumbo, but evidently there’s a kind of blockage of the cerebral spinal fluid, a possible Chiari I malformation, which is pretty rare. It’s not a tumor. Stefanie made an appointment with a neurologist, but he couldn’t work her in until June, although she’s on the cancellation list. Long story short–we’ll all need to keep her in our prayers.
          The first Sunday in May is coming up next week, so I’ll be cooking Sunday dinner. We’ll eat around 4:00, or whenever you can get here. Let me know if you’re coming, OK? Any food preferences? John used to always ask for fat pizza. I’m not even sure I remember how to make it now. There never was a recipe.
          Our piano class at the Lighthouse Church is still crazy. Two weeks ago we set up for 20 people, and we only had seven. So last week we set up for only sixteen, and every spot was taken. Hopefully things will settle down pretty soon, and we’ll have a good idea what to expect each week. My piano class at the Heber Senior Center is already filled up. I can only handle four people, at least until Donna can come and help me, which probably won’t be until the end of the summer. She’s working full time now that Bevan is off. She has a new boss who’s actually organized. It makes her job lots easier.
          Life is good! Life is busy! I love you all! Mom