Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dear Kids,
          The Easter bunny was very good to us. Dad and I found dove chocolate, iced cookies, and a milk chocolate Peter Rabbit on our table this morning.
           We really enjoyed the Easter picnic at Nora’s house yesterday! I was so intrigued by the hiking trail across the street that I couldn’t even wait until after the Easter egg hunt to go climb up it! So Dad and I missed watching the kids find their eggs, although we did look down on them from the top of the hill. (We figured that mob of kids had to be ours!) Later I climbed back up the trail with Nora. With moving in and having a baby and all the rest, she hadn’t been up it since her birthday last fall. It seems to me that life is practically perfect if you have a mountain to climb right by your house. That’s what I miss about not living at the cabin, although Dad and I still drive over there a couple of times a week to go hiking, and make sure mice and raccoons haven’t broken in.
          I’m looking forward to the Easter program in Church this morning. Since I started going to the Spanish branch here, I really have to pay attention to what’s being said, or I don’t understand much. So I get more out of the meeting. How’s that? You understand more when you understand less? Somehow it works.
          On Friday, Dad and I poured the cement footing for our first window well. We had borrowed Jim Curtis’s cement mixer, but there wasn’t room for it (and us, too) in the window well, and if we used it up top, we had no good way to get the cement down to where we needed it. So we’re mixing the cement in the bowl part of our wheelbarrow. It’s Dad’s job to get the cement bags down to me and open them up, and my job to mix it (the easy part) and shovel it into the forms. In less than two hours, we did 14 bags of cement! Of course they were 60 pound bags, not 80. We know our limitations! Yesterday we brought home a load of concrete blocks from Home Depot, and hopefully we’ll start laying them tomorrow. How could I be so excited about doing the same project I did 35 years ago?
          Life is good! I love you all! Mom