Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dear Kids,
          There’s snow on the ground, but we’re looking forward to Easter next weekend. The Easter egg hunt and picnic will be at Nora’s house, starting at noon. We’ll eat first, at the house, and then hunt eggs in the park. (After the Easter bunny leaves the eggs in the park, we’ll have to station somebody there to guard them until the kids come over. We always used to do that at Grandma Allen’s Easter picnics.) Donna will call you about food assignments, and you’re all supposed to bring eggs for the hunt, approximately 10 per each of your children, according to Donna. I’m glad we’re doing this! When you kids were little, we always loved going to the Allen Easter picnic, and now we’re doing the same thing. I have such great pictures of you kids and your Easter baskets!
          Dad and I finished excavating our window wells and now we have big piles of dirt and rocks around our house. It looks worse than before, but at least it looks like something is being done. Dad took off the old window wells and we put them out in front for people to pick up. I’ve been smoothing out the dirt in the bottom of the holes and watering it down. We were planning to use decorative retaining wall block, but the ones we like are so heavy and so expensive that I’ve had second thoughts. Now we’re planning to make the same kind of concrete block window wells we had at our old house, with a row of decorative block on top. It will be a lot cheaper and easier. The concrete blocks only weigh 35 pounds each, not 67. Trouble is, I’m more than twice as old as I was before. We have Jim Curtis’s cement mixer, so I won’t have to mix the cement for the footings in the wheelbarrow (some of you kids used to watch me do that), and I have Dad to help me now. It should go OK.
          Just because Dad and I don’t have enough to do, I started a piano class at the Heber senior center. We meet Thursday mornings at 11, just before lunch and our chess club. It’s exactly the same schedule as Wednesdays in Salt Lake. I had two people for my first class last Thursday, but there will probably be more when the word gets out. At least it’s fun and rewarding. Now there are three piano classes and two chess clubs we’re in charge of.
          We hope to see lot of you on Saturday at Nora’s house! Lots of love, Mom