Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dear Kids,
          Last weekend was fabulous. Thanks to all of you that fed us and entertained us and delighted us with your wonderful children. We really enjoyed Meg’s baptism in Pocatello. It’s always fun to get together with the Suttons, and they all bring such wonderful food to the events we share! All the Sutton grandchildren look like ours, and there are even a few actual clones! 
          Dad and I spent Saturday night in Brigham City, along with Donna and Bevan and their kids, who were traveling with us. Andy had planned a party for my brothers and sisters, and most of them were there, even Katie from Boise! Of course I don’t have room for all the news and gossip and wild tales that went around. The best news is that Carly and Levi are being sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on June 21. They sent out an e-mail invite along with a facebook invite. Dad and I will be there for sure. We attended their original wedding in Boise in 2005, in the garden of the old territorial prison. What a party that was! This will be even better.
          Back to our travels: Sunday we drove to Centerville for McKay’s blessing. It was a wonderful meeting, and the after-party was great, too. Great food, great people. I hiked up the mountain with Trent and Vanessa. I never can keep away from that trail when we’re at Nora and James’s new house. Also, we really enjoyed playing their new piano. I can’t keep away from a good piano, either.

Yesterday morning Dad and I finished our last window well. I can’t believe we did all that! While I was laying the third to the last block, Oreo and Xena came to investigate. They sat down to watch me. When I laid down the strip of mortar, Xena walked over and stepped in it. I called Dad to come and get them away. It reminded me of when children used to watch me do my projects.
          On Monday Dad and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary by having lunch in Heber at Chick’s Café. (Thanks to those of you who went in on the gift certificate for Dad’s birthday!) I can’t believe we’ve made it 42 years! Of course we have the children and grandchildren to prove it!
          Lots of love, Mom