Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dear Kids,
          I’ve had it with people dying! We walked into the Heber senior center Thursday morning, and there was a big picture of Steve Mahoney, the director, on a poster. Under his picture were his birth and death dates. I thought, "What the . . . ??" I was just going to look for him in his office and talk to him about a couple of things. Naturally his office was empty. He died last Sunday, after falling down. He was 81. That makes three people we knew really well who died within a few days of each other. Part of it comes from hanging out at senior centers, but that doesn’t explain Dennis Nordfelt’s death. Nora and her family are coming for Sunday dinner today, and Nora said she’d find out why he died. I’d heard a couple of months ago that he wasn’t doing very well. We didn’t go to the funeral, because I knew there would be thousands of people there, besides my lungs not liking extra trips to Salt Lake.
          Sharon is in charge of the family reunion next year, and she has already booked the same campground, Huber Grove. I couldn’t be more delighted. We’ll only be camping two nights, July 31 and August 1, (Friday and Saturday) but there will probably be a Timp Hike on Thursday and a grownups’ get-together Thursday night. Then the real fun will start Friday morning at Deer Creek, and we’ll check into the camp ground that afternoon. It sounds like a great plan to me. Anybody who needs a place to stay Thursday night can go to the cabin, or to anybody’s house who lives around here, which is most of us.
          I’m cooking Sunday dinner this afternoon, and again next month on Conference Sunday, October 4th. We’ll have that dinner at the cabin.
          It hardly seems like fall could be here already, but the oak brush is turning red on the hillsides. We’ve had so much rain that the fall colors should be beautiful this year. We’re lovin’ life, and hope you are, too.
          Love, Mom