Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dear Kids,
          We’ve been using a low-quality toaster ever since we moved into our house last year. Why didn’t we get a good one? I thought they were all pretty much alike, so the $7 cheapo at Walmart ought to do us just fine. But it would toast one side dark brown, while the other side stayed white, and it burned the edges, besides. Most mornings, our whole house smelled like burned toast. A few mornings ago I was really fed up, so I went on Amazon to see which toaster people liked best. Strangely, there are no 5-star toasters. But I ordered the one at the top of the list, the best-seller. It came two days later, and we’re delighted with it. What a difference a good toaster makes! I love Amazon! I also love Walmart. This is America. There’s a place for everybody.
          Dad and I are making the most of our last good days before winter hits. Dad is working at the cabin, stacking wood and painting on a new coat of stain. I’m still digging in the yard, here at our house. I’m ready to lay down the rocks in the next section of our dry creek bed, after two weeks of digging. People who walk by are really nice, and they always compliment me for working so hard, and they say our yard is looking good. Well, it’s looking better. BTW, there’s a copycat of our dry creek bed at the new house two doors down, but they used a bobcat, and the rocks are covered with dirt. Besides, you can tell they didn’t have the benefit of a professional landscape designer, like we have.
          Next weekend Dad and I are driving to Idaho for a very quick vacation. On Saturday we’re going to the Rexburg Temple with Harpers, and then we’ll stay overnight at their house. Sunday morning we’re driving to Pocatello to go to church with Vanessa’s family, and then we’ll probably drive home late in the afternoon. It’s a great time of year to go somewhere!
          Lots of love, Mom