Monday, September 1, 2014

Dear Kids,
          McGettigans just left for home, but we had a great time while they were here. We had lunch yesterday afternoon at Hi Mountain Drug (best burgers in Utah) and then we stopped in to Food Town for a few groceries. Then we packed up our stuff for the rodeo and drove over to the park. There was country music blaring really loudly, and the usual t-shirt vendors, and the usual rodeo-type people in the stands, except that we know more of them now. I sat next to Jana because I wanted to hear her comments. She took lots of pictures and videos with her phone. There isn’t a crazier rodeo anywhere, including wild cow milking and saddled cow riding, along with the usual buckin’ broncos. We enjoyed it immensely, except that the wind kicked up and the metal seats were cold. Kara and I finally walked home about 9:00, because we were freezing, although it wasn’t so cold once we got out of the stands. Dad and Jana and Glenn came home later. Next year we’ll definitely bring blankets to put on the benches and wrap up in. McGettigans want to make the Frontier Days Rodeo an annual tradition, and we’re up for that! This morning they came to church with us, and later we had dinner and sat around talking, while Jana played our piano. We didn’t want them to leave, but they had to get back to the real world. Luckily Dad and I live outside of reality.
          At church, we thought we might run into Paul and the Riebens, because they’re over at the cabin having a family reunion. They were misled by, though, and came to an earlier ward. Paul says they’ve had fun hiking (the beaver pond and rocky point), going to the Polar King for ice cream, and hanging out in general.

I wrote about our chess club retreat last weekend. One of the men who couldn’t come (Ross Oseguera) died last Friday morning. Luckily we didn’t find out until we came back. What a downer! He died peacefully in his sleep. That’s three fatalities for our chess club! What can I say to people? "Join our chess club and die!" Maybe it just comes with getting old, but I don’t like it.
          BTW: we just heard that Dennis Nordfelt passed away. So sad!
          Otherwise, everything here is great. Don’t forget: Sunday dinner here next Sunday afternoon at 4:30, or thereabouts.
          Lots of love, Mom