Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dear Kids,
          We had some snow here, but it mostly melted, and we’re back to mud and rocks. And a little ice here and there. The deer have decided that winter isn’t going to come at all, and they’re back grazing in our area. There was a herd of 14 in the field across the street, a couple of nights ago. I guess we’ll give up on winter, too, and plan for spring.
          On Wednesday, I cleaned out my stuff at the Harman center and said goodbye to everybody. It was really hard. In chess club, they had a little farewell party for us, with homemade cinnamon rolls from one of the wives. Jerry Davis, who’s taking over as chief, wrote us a really nice thank-you letter. I will miss those guys! My piano students took it OK, and at least two of them are coming over to the class at the Lighthouse Church. They said that after they’ve worked so hard, they can’t quit now. Nora’s kids might also be joining our class there, which will be delightful. Nora might even help us teach! Like the mother abbess told Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, when the Lord closes a door, he always opens a window.
          My piano class at the senior center in Heber is really doing well! I have seven ladies now, spread out over two hours. The ladies in my 10:00 class stay more than an hour, and some of my 11:00 ladies come early, so there’s a bunch of them in there together. They talk and laugh and entertain each other. One of my ladies, Annie, said she used to watch TV a lot, but now she plays the piano instead. I can tell by the progress she’s making! We’re going to be taking turns playing background music during lunch on Thursdays. I took my turn last week, and I’ll line up the rest of them when they’re ready.
          Life is good! I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom