Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dear Kids,
          First off, I just received a giant bag of styrofoam beans (they look more like peas) in the mail from Amazon. So many of the grandkids have bean bag chairs now, and they tend to go flat, so they can just bring them to our house, and we’ll fill them up. There’s a special technique where you don’t get the beans stuck all over your hands and face. We learned the hard way.
          Winter? Summer? What’s going on here? It’s 13 degrees this morning. We’ve had three or four good snowstorms over the last couple of days, but then the sun comes out and it all melts. The deer are confused, too. They don’t know where to graze. They came into our yard to a couple of nights ago, looking for tender shoots among our dirt and rocks. I was worried about them congregating so close to Hilltop Road, where the cars come zooming by (when they come, which isn’t often) and I didn’t want anybody hit. So I went out to the back porch and turned on the light, and whistled a couple of times. 28 ears went up immediately, and they seemed to understand. They trotted back across the road (no cars, fortunately) and down their hill. I’ve been hiking in their habitat, so I know where they live, now.
          I received my official Senior Adventure Pass in the mail–the pass that lets you into all the state parks for free. On Monday we went back to the Jordanelle Perimeter Trail with Donna and Bevan and their kids, and we had a nice hike. Yesterday Dad and I went hiking there again, although there were a few snow flurries. I can see that it’s a great trail for any time of the year! Come and hike with us any time. We can also get you into the other state parks for free, if you ride in our car. (Up to 8 people at a time.)

John helped us finish stringing the wire in our basement, and now we’re waiting for the plumber (another "trade" who has worked for John.) I walk down into our basement and marvel at how much has been done in so little time–weeks instead of years. Life is good!
          I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom