Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dear Kids,
          We sure enjoyed Aubrey’s baptism yesterday! We also enjoyed the after-party at John’s house. The food was good, and it was fun seeing people, especially Doug and Anita and their family. It was fun wandering around John’s house. His finished basement is a wonder to everybody! There’s room for any number of people now!
          And our basement project is moving ahead! We totally finished the heat ducts, and now we’re wiring. John came and helped Dad yesterday afternoon, and they really moved fast. One thing that is not moving fast, however, is our cabinet project upstairs. We finally got our trim pieces, after waiting a month, and the installer came back and did a nice job putting in the bathroom vanity and finishing the office. I was delighted. I went to Chris and Dicks and arranged for the counter tops. Then, at home, I decided to move around the drawers in the bathroom vanity cabinet, to find the arrangement where they would line up evenly. After trying every possibility, I realized there was no way. Most of the drawer fronts were put on unevenly. And this one deficient cabinet had cost us over $1200 dollars! I went to Home Depot and said that they needed to come and get it, and get us a good one, or refund our money. The "adjustment" lady said we had to take a picture of it and send it to the cabinet company so they could decide if they should replace it. I told her absolutely not. We paid our money to Home Depot, and they were responsible for the cabinet. They’re looking into it. I suspended my order with Chris and Dick’s, and now there’s no timetable for finishing the project. Needless to say, I’m very discouraged.
          But other things are going well. Nora brought her kids to the Lighthouse piano class on Wednesday, and two ladies came from my Harman Center class, and we had 20 people there, plus our five teachers. It was bedlam, but lots of fun. I’m hoping we can give everybody more attention next time. We were just trying to decide where to put everybody! But it worked.
          I hope all your lives are smoother than mine has been. I love you all! Mom