Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dear Kids,
          Conference/Easter weekend is just 2 weeks away, but we still don’t have a definite plan. Allen mentioned hosting something, but we were distracted by Ellie’s musical. She was in "Beauty and the Beast" at her school, Wasatch Peaks. She played the part of a villager sometimes, a candlestick another time, and in the mob scene she sang a line. It was a spectacular production, and Dad and I enjoyed it immensely.
          This morning I’m putting the finishing touches on my Relief Society lesson for today. I’m doing President Monson’s "Ponder the Path of Thy Feet" from the last conference. We have four English-only ladies in Relief Society, sometimes more than the Spanish ladies there, so I’m going totally bilingual–English out of one side of my mouth, and Spanish out of the other. No, that might not work, but I’ll try to jump back and forth, so nobody will be left out. The one Spanish lady who talks the most is from Uruguay, and almost impossible to understand. (Some of the Spanish ladies have told me they can’t understand her.) She’s on my visiting teaching list, and we’ve never caught her at home, so I went to see her by myself Monday night. By focusing totally on her, I could almost understand most of what she said. I asked questions straight out of the Spanish textbooks: What country are you from? How many children to you have. How long have you been married? (Oops, wrong question.) Do you like cats or dogs? It turned out OK, and she said she enjoyed my visit.
           Our basement is moving along, and we had the rough plumbing done by J. R. Coleman, who John recommended. (I know, Dad and I have always done that sort of thing by ourselves, but we don’t have 20 years this time around.) Watching this guy was magical. Water lines appeared out of nowhere. Holes were cut and pipes went through. He glued with lightning speed. He didn’t make mistakes. There were no extra trips to Ace Hardware. Thanks, John, for recommending him. Now we only have a few minor things to finish before we sheetrock. It’s all very exciting.
        As most of you have heard, Paul has been laid off from his job, so he’s back to his old occupation–job hunting.  I'm sure he'll find something soon!  Paul always lands on his feet!           About Easter and Conference--I’ll let you know the definite plan, as soon as I find out.
          Lots of love, Mom