Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dear Kids,
          We finally have a plan for Easter/Conference next weekend. Dad and I will be watching conference at our house on Saturday, and anybody who wants to join us there will be welcome. Saturday night any of the guys who want to go to the Priesthood session with Dad are welcome; they’ll leave from here. Afterwards, there will be ice cream for everybody, either at our house or at the cabin. Anybody who wants to stay over in either place is welcome. Sunday morning Dad and I will be watching conference at the cabin, and I’ll serve dinner (King Ranch chicken) as soon as the morning session is over. Then we’ll have an Easter Egg hunt, either outside or in the greenhouse, according to the weather. If we all bring eggs, there should be enough. Then we’ll watch the afternoon session, if we aren’t too high on sugar, or sound asleep. It’ll be good either way.
           Most of you have probably heard about Donna’s poor car. She ran into the back of a truck while she was on her way to our piano class on Wednesday. She thought he was sill moving, when he had actually stopped. His trailer hitch ruined her bumper and radiator, but of course there wasn’t even a scratch on the truck. She got her car to the Lighthouse Church OK, but from there it had to be towed back to Heber. Rob Sorensen thinks his Mexican friends can fix it for less than the resale value, so she’ll at least be able to drive it for a little bit longer. 
           Meanwhile, our piano class was a zoo. We had 25 students. The last two girls who came had to share a keyboard. Donna was on her phone a good part of the time, but she still managed to teach her four students. Nora had her row of kids. Dad was holding down the nursery. I was teaching Benjamin and my two ladies from the Harman Center, and troubleshooting. (Lots of it.) It was all good. Our class is having growing pains, but when we get things settled out it should be calm again.
           I can hardly stand to write about our latest home improvement disaster. We got new carpet, which was part of our master plan when we bought the house. When the guys brought it, I went out to their truck with my sample to make sure it was the right color. It was. So I breathed a sigh of relief. It was only later, when they were halfway through laying it, that I saw it was the wrong carpet--longer, less dense, and less curly than the sample. They finished the job, and Wards Carpet is supposed to be working on getting us the right stuff. Needless to say, they aren’t returning my calls. Luckily, we only paid 40% down, but I hate the carpet. Otherwise, life is good. 
           I love you all! Mom