Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dear Kids,
          Happy birthday, Donna! Can she really be 33? It’s maybe OK that John and Nora have passed the 40-mark, but can my babies really be getting into their serious 30's?
          Tuesday was Charlotte’s 14th birthday, but we had a big snowstorm, so Nora and James celebrated at the cemetery the next day. It worked out really well because Nora and the kids were at the Lighthouse Church anyway for piano class. By the way, the class is really growing! We had 20 students that day, and five of our regulars weren’t even there. Nora has signed on as a teacher, however, and we can easily handle all those people. After piano class we met at the cemetery (Donna and her kids, too) and James brought the balloons. Each of the kids gets to keep one, now, and they let the rest of them go. The wind blew them south–exactly backwards from the normal pattern, and we stood there watching them float away.
          This week Paul and Stefanie will be finding out whether they’re having a boy or a girl. We’re excited to find out, too. I’m betting on a boy, but almost everybody else is thinking girl.
           Nora was making plans for Easter weekend at the cabin when she realized they’ll be out of town (Disneyland?). You know how it is when you plan two different things for the same time frame, and you don’t realize that they conflict. Anyway, Dad and I are still up for anything. Easter egg hunt at anybody’s house? Or at the cabin? I’ll definitely be fixing Sunday dinner, between conference sessions. Let me know if you’re coming! 
           Love, Mom