Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dear Kids,
          Most of you have heard that Paul has a new job, and a good one! He’ll be working in Ogden, designing railroads. (Sort of like Sim City). It’s a perfect place for Paul and Stefanie to live, in between Logan and the Heber-Kamas area, with Nora and Allen on the way. Paul is going to start the job in about a week, and he’ll probably be living temporarily somewhere in the Ogden area while Stefanie finishes up things in St. George. Then they’ll move. I had thought they would be in St. George for a long time, and that Dad and I would visit them during the winter, but they’re thrilled to be moving closer to both their families. Besides that, Paul will be doing something he’ll really enjoy.
          We had new carpet laid–again. This time it was the right carpet, but of course there were some minor problems. The job isn’t finished, because the carpet layer said it was so thick and stiff that it was hard to lay, and his only assistant was his son, who was just starting out. So they didn’t finish it yesterday, and they’ll have to come back. Besides that, there was barely enough carpet, and they had to put seams in odd places. One of them, on the stair landing, really looks bad, and that will have to be fixed. They’ll probably have to order another piece of carpet for that, and it will probably take three or four weeks, but eventually it will all look good.
           Now that it’s stopped raining, it’s really beautiful here–velvety green on the hillsides, and a darker green down along the river. Dad and I have been working outside as much as possible. Dad has still been digging out cottonwood roots, which were spread out everywhere, just beneath the surface. We started calling them Moby Dick’s skeleton. But I think Dad finally got every single rib. I’ve been planting trees and shrubs, but we still aren’t ready for grass.
          Spring is wonderful! Oh, is it summer now? We’re always behind, up here.
          Lots of love, Mom