Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dear Kids,
          We’re off to Ogden for baby Josh’s blessing in a few minutes. I hope I’ve remembered everything I need to take.
          Here’s the plan for this coming weekend, for conference: Saturday, during the day, dad and I will be watching the sessions here at our house. Anybody who wants to come and watch it with us is welcome. We’ll have dinner for everybody around 5 pm, (soup and rolls.) Just before 6:00, the guys will drive over to our church for the priesthood session. Afterwards, we’ll meet at the cabin, for ice cream and churros, which Tom will make on our new camp stove. Sunday we’ll watch the conference sessions at the cabin, with dinner in between. I think Nora and Kim will be doing the café rio menu. If not, we’ll have the makings for sandwiches for everybody. I’m not doing my usual conference Sunday dinner because I’m in charge of the food for my mission reunion that night, and I’ll have a lot to do. However it turns out, it will be a great weekend.
          The McGettigans are visiting us right now. They came yesterday afternoon, and we sat around our half-finished playground and talked. Then we drove up to Wolf Creek pass and went for a walk at the summit, where you’re on top of the world, looking down on both sides. The yellow aspens were gorgeous, and the air was clean as crystal. Later, back at our house, we watched movies and had dinner out in the pergola, while the sun was going down. We always have fun with McGettigans. I only wished our guest bedroom in the basement had been finished, but we’ll be getting to that really soon now, when winter sets in.
           I hope you’re all doing great! Love, Mom