Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dear Kids,
          My life is perfect. I had gotten really low on my supply of Ghirardelli Midnight Reverie (yes, I went through everything you kids gave me for Christmas) and I hadn’t found any coupons or good deals anywhere. I decided to google it, and naturally Amazon was at the top of the list. You can get four bags of the little wrapped squares for a really good price, and if you subscribe for monthly delivery, you get a deal that’s even better! Of course I subscribed. My chocolate will be delivered on the 2nd of every month, and if I only had a personal servant to unwrap it and put it in my mouth . . . oh, wait–Dad can do that! My life is perfect.
          Except for the weir rabbits. I thought the Rabbit-be-Gone would do the trick, but they came back. They acted like it was a garnish on their salad. And they’re still coming. On Thursday Dad and I were eating lunch at the Heber Senior Center, and there were three single older men at our table. I asked if any of them knew of a cure for rabbits. One man said, "Eat them." I asked him if we should shoot them or trap them. He said, "Either." I asked him if snowshoe rabbits tasted good, and he said, "They’re all good. Snowshoe. Cottontail. Jackrabbit. They all taste good." Maybe we can get Al to come over and trap a few. He could cook up a stew and we could have a big family dinner.
          It’s great having Allen around. Yesterday he dropped by with Carson and Ellie, and he had a loaf of fresh homemade bread for us. You know, if all the rest of you could find excuses to move to this wonderful area, my life would be really, really perfect.
          Lots of love, Mom