Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dear Kids,
          We’ve had the most wonderful snowstorms lately! It must be an el nio pattern, which Tom predicted a while ago. About every five days it snows, and we’ve been getting 3 or 4 inches at a time (much better than out usual dusting!). We had a great storm yesterday, while John was over at the cabin with his scouts, sledding. When they were ready to leave for home, a truck with a trailer was jack-knifed on the icy road and they couldn’t get down. Just what you can expect from a cabin expedition!
          Our basement is coming along so well that we’re ready for sheetrock! John gave us the name of the man who did his basement, and we got him to come and measure ours. We haven’t got his estimate yet, but he said he could start next week. It will be magical to have it all done in three or four days, instead of 15 years, like our basement in West Valley. I finished the walk-in closet that I was working on, and we filled it with stuff, including all the Halloween costumes. They had been in drawers, totes, boxes–all over the place. Now they’re together again. If you have any of my costumes, or any of yours that you want to store here, bring them over! 
           I’ve had a lot of pain in my right hand recently, at the base of my thumb, and I can’t even play ragtime anymore! So I decided to have a cortisone shot. Nobody told me how incredibly painful that would be! The doctor had to wiggle the needle around a lot before it would even get down in between the bones, but that wasn’t so bad. Later, after we left his office, and the anesthetic wore off, I could really feel it! We had some errands, and then the piano class at the Lighthouse Church, and I couldn’t stand the pain, so I took 6 ibuprofin tablets. After an hour I couldn’t tell any difference, so I took 3 more. I was OK (sort of) for the class, but when it was over, I took 5 more. Not smart. Of course I was sick that night, but it turned out that I had a flu bug. Lots of fun. But I’m OK now. Dad was a great help to me.
          Life is good again! Lots of love, Mom