Sunday, January 10, 2016

Oops, here's my letter from last week.  Somehow it didn't get uploaded:
Dear Kids,
          Just when we thought the holiday parties were over, John and Heather surprised us by planning a New Year’s eve party! And what a party! There was a whole ham dinner! John shot off fireworks! There was ice cream! The teenagers went off to a dance! And all that happened before 8:30 pm, when Dad and I went home to go to bed. I never heard the real New Year come in. My favorite celebration is to go to bed early and start the new year off feeling really good.
          Drew’s baby blessing will be two weeks from today, on the 17th, at Donna’s church, 250 E. 200 South in Midway. It sounds easy to find, but it isn’t, because you have to wind around, so use your GPS’s. Sacrament meeting starts at 9:00 am. There will be a brunch afterwards at John’s house. I know the menu will include cinnamon rolls, because I’m bringing them. I’ve perfected my recipe: equal parts of cinnamon roll and frosting. Be there or be square. Oh, yes, and Sharon’s coming! She’s tired of missing the family events, so she found a red-eye special and she’s coming alone. We’ll be so happy to see her! She’ll only be in Utah for 28 hours, so we won’t be able to plan any other fun get-togethers.
          Dad had his Alzheimers testing last Wednesday, and we have an appointment with the doctor this week to talk about the results. It should be interesting. Dad said the tests were really hard. I guess they make them harder and harder until you can’t figure them out any more, to test your limits. I thought it was really gutsy of him to go through with it. 
      It’s still been really cold here. It was -10 on New Years morning. But it was even colder in Heber, -18, I think. I never knew Heber was colder than Kamas Valley, but they’ve been out-doing us this year. Maybe they’re in some kind of a sink down there. Life is good, and the fun continues. Love, Mom

And here's my current letter:
Dear Kids,
          The weir rabbits have been digging up our lawn! There’s a spot on the south side close to the house where it’s warmer, and the snow has mostly melted, and they come there to feed. And burrow. Actually, the deer started it, by pawing away the snow there, but the rabbits have taken over. They’re big and white and mean. Donna says we should poison them, but I can’t do it. Our cats won’t take them on. Too bad we don’t have a big dog.
          Dad and I went hiking at the Jordanelle on Friday. There was new snow on the trail, but it was pretty easy to get through, even without snowshoes. Dad wore his new winter hiking boots, which some of you went in on for Christmas. Thanks! They’re really working for him. And we had a great hike: blue sky, bright snow, green junipers–there isn’t a better spot in the whole world. In the summer that trail is usually too hot, but in the winter it’s perfect.
          Remember Drew’s blessing next week! All the info is in my letter from last week. And on the invitations Donna sent out. What a cute picture of Drew! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone who can come, especially Sharon!
         Since it’s January, we’ve plunged into our biggest home-improvement project: the basement.. Dad has been wiring lights and switches, so we can make sure they work before we sheetrock. I’ve been finishing the big walk-in closet, so we can stash things in there while we work on the rest of the rooms. I forgot how exhilarating it is to spread joint compound. The rest of it is fun, too.
          Love to all, Mom